Graduate Courses

UNIST (2009-Present)
MEN 552 Manufacturing Processes and Systems
MEN 557 Polymer and Composite Manufacturing 

FAMU-FSU (2004-2007)
EIN 5930 Failure Analysis and Design for Reliability
EIN 5930L Advanced Composite Engineering Seminar


Undergraduate Courses

UNIST (2009-Present)
MTH 101 Calculus (Spring 2009 only)
MTH 103 Applied Linear Algebra (Fall 2009 only)
MEN 230 Solid Mechanics 1 (Spring 2010 only)
MEN 231 Solid Mechanics 2
MEN 350 Manufacturing Processes and Lab
MEN 370 System Dynamics and Control (Fall 2011 only)

FAMU-FSU (2004-2007)
EIN 3390C Manufacturing Processes and Materials Engineering
EIN 4312 Tool and Process Engineering